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As the Trump administration sets its sights on the end of DACA, American business executives are raising their voices in defense of DACA beneficiaries, called Dreamers. More than 400 business leaders have signed their name to a letter to Trump or have found other ways to encourage the president to reconsider their plan to end the programs. Among these leaders, the CEOs of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Best Buy, and JPMorgan Chase have spoken out against attacks on Dreamers.

As Twitter spats have come to show that their threats are empty, business leaders have become increasingly out spoken in their desires to protect undocumented immigrants who arrived to the U.S. as young children. The Obama-era policy is an important step towards helping these immigrants find thein place in the American workforce, and business leaders are aware of the value these young adults have to offer.

After the announcement that the current administration will wind down DACA while giving Congress a chance to take action, the protests only grew. Among supporters of DACA, the move was seen as cruel and unnecessary. If DACA recipients lose their ability to work legally in the U.S., business owners and leaders also stand to lose hundreds of trained, educated employees. The economic impact of DACA is widespread, and these protections benefit American businesses.

CEO activism is growing, and more business leaders are seizing the opportunity to demonstrate their support for their employees and consumers. While this activism allows CEOs and other leaders to direct attention to important issues, it also can serve as a form of publicity among their consumer base, who often hold strong beliefs regarding the same issues.

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