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LOVE+RELO: Nafees & Anindita Chowdhury | Nan Park

January 9, 2024

Nafees, Anindita and Nan of USILAW join LOVE+RELO to predict 2024 economic conditions and impact of U.S. election year on global mobility. Tune in to find out about the current immigration landscape with the upcoming HCap season.

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of US Immigration

Join the Worldwide ERC for an insightful webinar where Anindita Chowdhury reviews the ever-changing landscape of immigration policies and strategies. In today’s global economy, the United States remains a top destination for talented professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world. However, navigating the complexities of US immigration can be challenging. This webinar is designed to provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to succeed in this dynamic environment.

The One Take: USILAW

October 17, 2023

Anindita Chowdhury speaks with Anupam Singhal, Chair of Worldwide ERC, ahead of the Worldwide ERC Conference in Boston for global mobility professionals.

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USCIS Increases Employment Authorization Document Validity Period for Certain Categories

By U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Public Engagement Division | September 27, 2023

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is updating guidance in our Policy Manual to increase the maximum available validity period to 5 years for initial and renewal Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) for certain noncitizens who are employment authorized incident to status or circumstance, including those admitted as refugees, paroled as refugees, and granted asylum, as well as recipients of withholding of removal.

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Practice Alert: What Happens if the Government Shuts Down

By American Immigration Lawyers Association, AILA Doc. No. 21092710 | Dated September 22, 2023

To date, Congress has not passed, nor has President Biden signed, any of the 12 spending bills needed to keep the government open beyond the end of FY2023 on September 30, 2023. Unless these appropriations bills are passed, or Congress agrees on a temporary continuing resolution (CR), funding for agencies will lapse by midnight (ET) on October 1, 2023, which could result in a shutdown of some government agencies.

General Shutdown Information: If the government agencies close for budgetary reasons, all but “essential” personnel are furloughed and are not allowed to work. The following is an overview of how the immigration-related agencies have operated during prior shutdown periods. During the anticipated 2022 lapse in government funding, DHS also updated its guidance outlining a contingency plan and what activities are considered essential (or exempt.)

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Visit us at the Global Workforce Symposium at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts, on October 17 – 20. Sponsored in part by USILAW, this event will focus on exploring new horizons, challenging traditional norms, and seeking innovative solutions to current and future challenges in global mobility.


Visit us at the APAC Regional Summit at the Shangri-La Orchid Singapore on September 19 -20. Sponsored in part by USILAW, this event will feature relevant, localized education and provide an opportunity to network with industry professionals.

LOVE+RELO: Anindita Chowdhury | USILAW

September 13, 2023

LOVE+RELO, hosted by Ben Cross, is the voice of the relocation industry. Watch his interview with Anindita Chowdhury of USILAW as they dive into all things immigration and mobility: where the market has been and where it is headed. Streamed live on August 8, 2023.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

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On International Women’s Day, we proudly celebrate the remarkable achievements and invaluable contributions of women globally, including those within USILAW and our esteemed partners. At

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