Canadian Policy Temporarily Waives Immigration Medical Exam Requirements for Certain Resident Applicants

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In an effort to increase processing efficiency, Canada’s Immigration department (IRCC) has implemented a new public policy to streamline processing for certain low-risk applicants until October 6, 2024. Typically, all resident applicants and family members must obtain Immigration Medical Exams (IMEs), even if those family members will not be residing in Canada.

The new policy will waive the IME requirement for individuals who have a new or pending application for permanent or temporary residence or a permanent resident visa, made from within Canada. Qualifying applicants must have completed an IME within the last 5 years and pose no risk to public health or safety, or reported to public health authorities for monitoring, as required.

The IRCC has implemented two similar temporary public policies in previous years which resulted in cost savings and expedited processing for approximately 85,000 individuals. The new policy is estimated to benefit an additional 180,000 immigrants.

Read more about the Streamlined Immigration Medical Examination Requirements for Eligible Applicants here.

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