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As has been widely reported in the media, the Omnibus spending bill signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 18, 2015 contained a surprise for companies who are dependent on high-skilled foreign workers.

The new law imposes significant additional fees for “dependent companies” with more than 50 employees who have 50% or more of their employees in H-1B or L-1 status.

For employers impacted by the new fees, the cost of filing a newH-1B petition will be $6,325, broken down as follows:

New H-1B Fee$4,000
H-1B Filing Fee$325
USCIS Anti-Fraud Fee$500
ACWIA Education and Training Fee$1500 (25+ employees)
Premium Processing (Optional)$1,225

For “dependent companies” filing L-1 visas, the total USCIS fees will now be $5325. A breakdown of the fees is as follows:

New L Fee$4,500
L Filing Fee$325
USCIS Anti-Fraud Fee$500

While the bill states that the provision will be effective on “date of the enactment” of the law, we are awaiting further USCIS guidance on this matter and will update you as soon as we have it.

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