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USILAW: Excellence in Delivery of Global Immigration Solutions

Published by Silicon India


As a nation of immigrants, America has always been a beacon for people with aspirations and ambition. The American dream is continually sustained by immigrants who establish companies like Google, run companies like Pfizer and Microsoft and contribute to every facet of the American narrative.

When immigrants are absorbed into the labor force, the economy’s productive capacity is boosted, increasing a nation’s collective wealth. The phenomenon is called the “immigration surplus,” causing a boost in native GDP—in the order of about 0.2 to 0.4 percent—i.e., $37 to $77 billion each year for the U.S. economy alone. In addition to the immigration surplus, immigrants are an asset to the labor market as they integrate into industries and sectors where there is a relative need for skilled workers—where bottlenecks or shortages can otherwise retard growth. And they found companies that in turn create jobs- the majority of Silicon Valley companies have at least one founder who is a first-generation immigrant. The power of immigration is ably manifested in the story of Uğur Şahin, founder of BioNTech, a company that helped discover one of the most successful vaccines against Covid-19. A Turkish immigrant to Germany, hiswork revolutionized the way vaccines are developed. Any country would have benefited from talent such as his and American history is replete with such amazing examples. The Trump Administration tried to undermine immigration at every turn. The number of denials was staggering, making life especially difficult for companies and their globally sourced talent. While current immigration reform legislation is being considered, the process remains long and time consuming. Ultimately, without a dynamic and productive immigration process, the U.S. will be deprived of talent it needs to fuel future ambitions.

As an immigration powerhouse, USILAW has been at the forefront of upholding the virtues of immigration with in-depth experience over the entire gamut of U.S. and global Immigration law and legal services. USILAW offers U.S. citizenship, immigration, and related visa services, specializing in employment-based immigration visas, employment-based permanent residency, and investor visas. USILAW ensures that corporate officers such as CEOs, COOs, Heads of HR, have assurance and compliance of processes, and visibility of their immigration functions—from origination to submission. The company also provides comprehensive advice on how to manage a complex global immigration process “Immigrant community contributes to America’s greatness and will continue to do so. As an immigrant, I believe in the positive power of immigration and its importance in sustaining the vitality of the American dream,” says Anindita A. Chowdhury, Founder and Managing Attorney of USILAW. USILAW prides itself on 99+% visa approval rates and the manner in which it provides unparalleled customer service, positioning itself as an effective go-to partner for legal services and solutions in immigration.

USILAW maintained 99+% approvals even during the harsh environment for immigration under Trump. Clients come to USILAW for certainty of success. It is no wonder then that the department of labor ranked USILAW as the seventh-largest immigration law firm in terms of processing H1B visas for 2018.

The Research Behind Rendering Excellent Service Over the years,

USILAW has worked with various clients ranging from the world’s most valuable technology company to startups. One of their most important tasks is understanding their business, work culture, and ethos of their clients. During their intake process, USILAW sets up an internal team to understand what the client does and its various attributes. This includes taking a deep dive into client services and attributes, their ambitions, their value proposition, their clients and their competitors. By reviewing the totality of such information USILAW develops the holistic view required to represent its client to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and other government agencies. “Understanding our clients and their business ambitions is the key to our success,” states Anindita. USILAW’s information-based approach to immigration helps them stand out in the industry and is one of their keys to success.

Resolving Immigration Issues with Capable Talent

For USILAW, quality, results, and the dedication to serve the immigrants matter the most. “Behind every petition is a human being trying to make sense of U.S. immigration’s complex structure and visa laws. We aim to help that person,” affirms Anindita. One of USILAW’s hallmarks
is its highly dedicated team that comprises graduates from the top U.S. and international universities. They are extremely motivated to deliver quality customer service and maintain high approval ratings. The team is equally dedicated to onboarding new talent and guiding them to serve its corporate and individual clients. “Our management team believes in the cause of immigration, which drives them to be unparallelly committed to our clients and the work,” remarks Kelsey Tidgewell, Team Lead at USILAW. USILAW’s services even stood the test of the time during the pandemic. The USILAW team seamlessly rendered their services through a rotational work from office and work from home schedule without impacting the approval rates and customer service. “The seamless transition in the workplace brought about by Covid shows the depth of our expertise and the ability of our employees to work collectively and collaboratively as a team at any time and under any level of stress,” mentions Gabriel Romano Vargas, Attorney, and Project Lead at USILAW, adding, “we are tried and tested, and our team is ready to rise to any challenge.”

In the many years of its operation, USILAW has partnered with its clients and has adeptly handled tens of thousands of visa applications. During the pandemic, the firm helped a client file nearly 1500 visa applications, in the wake of new requirement for amendments, as needs for talent arose in industries such as biotech and logistics. USILAW executed all the client filings with a 99.99% approval rate and met all the strict timelines. In yet another instance, USILAW helped a large technology company file numerous petitions during the pandemic. “We were able to execute it because we had the technology infrastructure and disaster planning in place for such occasions. To add the cherry on top, we accomplished the task with excellent customer service,” says Jennifer Ortiz, Team Lead at USILAW. USILAW’s robust technology platform was thus very effective in helping them keep pace, even during the Covid pandemic.

A Truly Customer Centric Approach to Hassle-free Immigration

It is clear as day to see just how paramount the needs of their clients are to USILAW. Because of steadfast dedication to its mission and attention to solving client needs, USILAW has earned a just reputation for sterling success and capability. As such, most of their new clients have come through referrals, which is something that USILAW considers as the highest level of compliment that they can receive.

USILAW has always strived to hire employees who are customer-centric and capable of advocating for their clients. Each member of the USILAW team is empowered to always look to the client’s need. The importance attached to achieving the needs of the client is why USILAW does not enforce a billing goal or anything of that nature. Instead, the firm judges its employees internally based on client satisfaction criteria. Consequently, this is reflected in the work product and ultimately in the success of the client petitions.

Anindita credits the firm’s success to its very large and dedicated team. She also credits its many clients who repose their trust on USILAW and remains grateful to the Senior Executive for Immigration at a large multinational who realized the ambition of USILAW and gave the firm its first big break.

USILAW is tenacious when it comes towards representing client interests. This has also translated in USILAW’s reputation of making sure that the most impossible and most difficult petitions win approvals. “Our clients’ success is our success. That’s how we judge ourselves. And that’s the benchmark that we have set for the firm,” adds Anindita. The company now endeavors to build a truly global practice, keeping in its DNA the core mission of making immigration a strategic advantage for its clients and enabling the global talent to achieve their ambitions. “We hope to become the one-stop-shop for global immigration and be able to bring a high level of efficiency and success to the global immigration process,” concludes Anindita. Clients globally will benefit by having such a committed law firm on their side.

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