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Trump Administration Moves to Further Restrict H-1B Visas

Prohibition of H-1B Visa Holders on Federal Contracts

Additional Measures in 45 Days to Subvert the H-1B Visa Program

The Trump Administration, through an Executive Order, moved aggressively against H-1B visas. In measures to be enacted in 120 days, the administration is moving to restrict the employment of H-1B visas holders on contracts entered into by the Federal Government.

Additionally, President Trump has directed the Secretaries of Labor and Homeland Security to enact measures, in 45 days, through the mechanism of the Labor Condition Application to restrict the employment of H-1B visa holders. It is speculated that these could include, among other measures, raising the Wage Levels required for qualification for H-1B visas. The purpose would be to limit the ability of companies to employ individuals through these employment visas.

President Trump has been touting a new immigration law that will supposedly be merit based. This may just be more diversionary tactics by Trump. The series of measures that the Trump Administration has taken in recent months clearly shows the hostility the administration has towards high skilled workers and the beneficial impact that they have within the U.S. economy.

We are monitoring this situation closely and will update our clients as soon as we know more. Please contact USILAW with any questions. You may reach us via email at info@usilaw.com.

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